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  • ZPYZ – Racecar


    To create the perfect Man-Machine-Car we had to invite the band into a motion capture studio. We recorded several takes and applied the data to CG models of the bands’ heads. The result is an adrenalin driven three minute performance of the band strapped onto their racecars. So buckle up and enjoy an apocalyptic spectacle!

    Music Label: DEAG Records
    Directed by Uwe Flade, Egmont Mayer
    3D: Egmont Mayer, Aleks Horak, Christoph Zippel, Marco Czaplewski
    Compositing: Martin Wellens, Christina Agapitou
    Modeling: Sven Klimm
    Concept Art: David Löhr
    Motion Capture: Alexander Kramer – GamesLab Berlin