• Unicorn Glitterluck


    An amazing and magical 3D educational game for little children. Create your own individual unicorn, choosing from a wide range of colors, accessoires and stickers. The adventure will take you through magical worlds like Cloudy Sky, Magic Forrest and Candy World.
    Together with your animal companions you can slide down a rainbow to reach the magic castle and count the collected diamonds.

    You can download it from iTunes:

    Project Lead: Egmont Mayer
    Production Fox & Sheep: Timo Dries
    Visual Design: Nino Maljevic
    Lead Developer: Xia Bin
    Developer: Kang Zhonghua, Wang Chaolun
    Set Dressing & Level Design: Ge Yanxu, Ma Qinqin, Nino Maljevic
    Modeling: Zhang Lei, Song Linxi, Weng Jianbin
    Animation: Nicole Tang, Wang Xinpeng
    Textures: Nino Maljevic, Xiang Meirong, Ge Yanxu
    Pipeline and Workflow: Dong Haicheng
    Sound Design: Vladimir Zdunic
    Music: Marko Matovic
    Voice Artist: Ivana Aleksandrovich Ivee
    Quality Assurance: Mario Vieten
    Graphics Artist: Joel Porschen
    Haba Digital Intro: Alexi Johansen
    Production Fox & Sheep: Timo Dries

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