• Pony Stylebox


    A fun app to dress up and style your own pony! You can choose between 5 different ponies, style their hair, dress and saddle them up, take pictures and watch their amazing animations! Your designs can be saved inside the Gallery and be reloaded at any time. Discover each pony’s personality in this very creative app.

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    Character Design, Illustration & Animation: Perrine Marais
    Producer: Verena Pausder & Moritz Hohl
    Project Lead: Egmont Mayer
    Music & Sound Design: Matt Wand (smallrocks.bandcamp.com)
    Lead Developer: Chen Rui
    Developer: Luo Yue, Zhi Wang
    Development Intern: Ma Qinqin
    Animation Support: Nicole Tang, Sky Zhang
    2D Artists: Xiang Meirong, Joel Poischen
    Project Management: Dong Haicheng

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