• Nighty Night Circus


    This is the second Part of the popular Bedtime App Nighty Night!. This time we have 7 circus animals that are tires and want to go to sleep. See what tricks they can do before switching of the light. The detailed illustrations were again done by Heidi Wittlinger.

    Download it from iTunes.

    Concept & Illustration: Heidi Wittlinger
    Project Lead: Egmont Mayer
    Executive Producer: Fox and Sheep
    Developer: Wang Zhi, Luo Yue, Chen Rui, Ma Qinqin
    Animation: Sky Zhao, Nicole Tang, Shai Eliezer Zvi
    2D Artist: Xiang Meirong, Joel Poischen
    Sound Design: Dmitry Evgrafov, Adgio Hutchings
    Music: Dynamedion Musical Group
    Voice Recording: Dirk Stiller
    German Narration: Max Moor

    Nighty Night! HD - Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH