• Little Fox Music Box


    This app was illustrated by Heidi Wittlinger. It includes three children’s songs to sing along. The screen is full of animations to interact with. The Fox Studio is a magic box where everything makes a sound. With a little practice you can play your own tunes.

    RedRabbit was involved in the creation of the animations, and developed the authoring workflow. The app is available in English and German. Download it from iTunes:

    Concept, Design & Illustration: Heidi Wittlinger
    Executive Producer: Uwe Flade
    Producer: Christopher Lenz
    Animation Director: Heidi Wittlinger, Egmont Mayer
    Technical Director: Egmont Mayer

    Developer: Grit Schuster, René Nicklas
    Animation: Perrine Marais, Henrik Östergaard, Jonatan Brüsch
    Scripting: Aleksander Horak

    Music: Daniel Sus
    Kids Voice: Emily Mesirow, Anna Gehrmann, Tim Capper
    Lead Sound Design: Fabio Fonda
    Additional Sound Editing: Sebastian Müller

    Little Fox Music Box - Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH