• Little Fox Animal Doctor


    Little Fox Animal Doctor is the first 3D adaptation of the popular character introduced in the 2012 App Little Fox Music Box. This time the Little Fox and his friends are sick and need help from a doctor. There are a total of 5 animals with 15 different issues that need treatment inside an enchanted treehouse hospital.

    You can download it from iTunes:

    Concept, Design & Illustration: Heidi Wittlinger

    Project Lead: Egmont Mayer
    Developer: Zhang Weidong, Ma Qinqin, Kang Zhonghua, Xia Bin
    Animation Director: Heidi Wittlinger
    Rigging & Animation: Nicole Tang, Wang Xinpeng
    Intro Animation: Mette Ilene Holmriis
    2D Bubble Animations: Claudia Romero, Inkarnatoons, Jose Campaña Lewis
    3D Modeling: Lei Zhang, Weng Jianbin, Song Linxi
    Textures: Xiang Meirong
    Set Dressing, Lighting & Texturing: Ge Yanxu
    Project Coordinator: Dong Haicheng
    Music & Sound Design: Christian Meier
    Voice Actor: Alexander Wilz, Carla J. Maier, Günter Wittlinger
    Music “Waiting Room”: Marko Mattovic
    Sound Integration: Vladimir Zdunic
    Quality Assurance: Mario Vieten
    Animal Trainer: Verena Delius, Timo Dries

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