• Little Farmers


    A driving app for Kids in which they can control 3D tractors to plow the fields, plant crops, watch them grow and later gather them with the the big harvester! In the second scene the kids can drive smaller vehicles to feed the animals: corn for the pigs, hay for the cows and wheat for the chickens…
    Many animations hidden in the very detailed world encourage to seek and find.


    Concept & Project Lead: Egmont Mayer
    Design & Illustration: Ge Yanxu
    Characters Design: Nino Maljevic
    (Little Farmers characters are based on characters designed by Perrine Marais)
    Development: Xia Bin, Zhang Weidong, Kang Zhonghua
    Project Coordination: Dong Haicheng
    Quality Assurance: Mario Vieten
    Animation: Nicole Tang, Wang Xinpeng
    Textures: Xiang Meirong, Ge Yanxu
    3D Modeling: Zhang Lei, Song Linxi
    Music & Sounddesign: Dimitry Evgravof

    Nighty Night! HD - Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH